Blogs are like diets. They start. They fail. They repeat.


And repeat.

I’m not sure why everytime I feel the need to express myself, I use a blog…by which I mean I start a brand new blog.  It’s like dieting.  You start one, it fails.  You start a new one, it fails too.  You keep starting them, and you keep starting them, and they’re free to start, so who the hell cares? You just keep starting them.  And failing at them.  The failing part is also pretty prevalent.  It’s funny, everytime I start a new one, I forget just how many damn blogs I’ve actually started.  That is, until I look at my WordPress dashboard and realized WOW, this sucks.  All of those ideas, each one singular–haha, singular in the sense that they were pretty unique, and, of course, in the sense that they each only happened once.

In any case, happy blogging, once again.  Let’s see if all the damn typing won’t help me trim a pound or two. 😛



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