Beliefs, old and new


I ❤ Micheal Dorn, but I always felt sad for him because of the Klingon skull (obviously I was not a huge Trekkie as a kid). If only he had brushed his teeth! (Image via Wikipedia)

Okay, I’ll probably go back and forth between a PostADay and a PostAWeek , but I’ll try to do something of the sort.  Today’s prompt was actually something I wanted to answer…and can answer in a relatively short post! (usually the hard part)

Something I Used to Believe:

Actually, this is one of my conversation starters (yes, I’m a bit of a strange conversationalist, but hey, you will either love it or run from it–either way I benefit!).  I ask people, “Do you have any beliefs you held for the longest time, without even questioning?”  I guess that could come off as kind of a deep question, but somehow I always make it sound like a funny one (I hope).  Usually people ask me what I mean by that question.  Then I say, “Oh, like for instance….” (and here goes the prompt answer):

Until I was 20 years old, I brushed my teeth regularly in the hopes that I would not turn into a klingon.

When my siblings and I were young, my father used to tell us that if we didn’t brush our teeth every night, we’d turn into KLINGONS.  That’s right.  He said, “You’d better brush your teeth, or you’ll be a walnut head like Worf!”  So, for the LONGEST time — literally, until I was 20 years old — I didn’t question it.  I just believed I’d turn into a klingon if I didn’t brush my teeth!

I would brush my teeth regularly, in the hopes that my hair would not fall out and I would not grow giant ridges on my skull (and, probably, that I wouldn’t end up with the long mustache–I was NOT a big fan of that mustache!).

Then, one morning, as I stood in my own apartment, across the country from my father, enjoying being an actual adult with a full-time job and a two-year degree, brushing my teeth, I realized:  I was still brushing my teeth out of the belief that I’d turn into a klingon if I didn’t!  I think I laughed pretty hard I squirted toothpastey foam out of my mouth (by which I mean I hope I laughed that hard, because it would really add to the story!).

And I brushed my teeth.

And I still don’t have a walnut head.


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