4HB, Day 2 – food bomb (sort of) averted


Whew. So ummm, first up is it came as a shock to me that kidney beans do NOT have 40 grams of protein…they have 40 grams of carbohydrates, and 15 grams of protein. Grr.
Other than that, though, I did ok…for the morning.

Last night was (surprise surprise) 2 friends birthdays. Luckily, they’re a couple, so we went out only once 😉 Of course, I blew it a little bit. But just a little. On the Diet (capital D, since this one has a name and a book/author to go along with it) faux paux, I had only one bite of a tex-mex eggroll thing, 5 small pcs of fried calamari (darn breading!), and probably a third to a half a piece of flourless chocolate cake (yes, I know flourless =/= sugarless!). Sooo, I think I did pretty well!

Day 3 on the 4HB is going…ok. Not breaking any majors, though I did neglect to have meat with breakfast (or even to have an immediate breakfast, or ice water…oye. Maybe I did blow it, lol).

I just have to keep convincing myself not to give up, *especially* when there is an impending free dinner being served at the roundtable discussion I’m talking at…. Wish me luck!


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