4HB Day 4 — Whatwhaaat!


YEAH.  Day 4.  And it’s OVER.  Gracias a mi Santa Maria! It’s 11:11 (make a love wish, btw!)

I just had leftover chicken for bkfst, and, thankfully, I found a random package of some hippy-ish lentil salad at the school library cafe today. Lunch served. I kinda went a lil wild w/ the peanut butter after I got home today, but hey, it’s “allowed” (sarcasm intended, haha).

Some cheats that I’m finding help (yeah, after my long FOUR days on this Four-Hour Body diet, I’m an expert):

1) I let myself have a packet of splenda w/ my coffee in the morning. There, I said it.  I know it’s “not allowed,” but it gets me through…. Now if I could just figure out how to get the cinnamon to keep from becoming like a bunch of snot at the bottom of my coffee mug, we’d be in business!
Note: I’m trying to phase this out.  I hope it works! 🙂

2) Yes, this is also a cheat (hence the name of the list – CHEAT). I bought a bag of cinnamon fire jolly rancher candies (before I started), and I’ve been letting myself have up to 2 per day.  It seems to be curbing the sugar/carb cravings somewhat.  Now I think part of the trick is actually that the flavor is cinnamon.  I mean, I like cinnamon flavor candies, but really, I don’t LOOOVE them.  So, I can have a candy since I’m craving it, but since it’ll be a cinnamon flavor candy, I am more likely to put it off.
–> Moral of the Story: Allow yourself a tiny bit of the sugar you’re not especially fond of, and you’ll want it less (but hopefully will knock off the craving).

3) Sugar free gum.  Someone recommended this, and I think it’s a pretty good (though expensive) idea.

Some other Good Meal Ideas (since feeding myself enough of the right kinds of food is possibly one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever had in my life–no joke).

1) I made my partner (bless that one’s heart!) go out and buy a crapton of meat.  Then, I cooked up a ton of chicken in the oven, and put it in baggies and froze it.  The trick to this is cooking it in a glass dish w/ a heavy lid.  I swear, that is THE way to keep in the moisture!  I seasoned most of it with garlic, olive oil, and seasonings, and then I just add whatever taste I want for the actual meal.
–> Moral of the Story: Cook in bulk, freeze in portions,  and eat in relative ease (well, as long as your microwave’s not broken).

2) Cabbage Salad.  Cabbage lasts a long time in the fridge when in tupperware.  Buy a head of red and a head of green cabbage (or whatever color combo your prefer), slice it into SUPER thin strips, and then box it up into plastic cartons (leftover yogurt cartons, etc, work really well), and sit it in the fridge.  It will stay good for at least a week.  Then, just throw a vinegrette on there, or top it w/ tuna fish, etc, and it’s a great base.  It’s also less work than romaine lettuce (which I love, but hey, I’m busy AND lazy, which isn’t a good combination).
–>Moral of the Story: Keep a lot of thin-sliced cabbage on hand: it’s quick and it lasts a long time in the fridge.

Now, off to bed, so I don’t think about food so much! 😉  Looking forward to making (and eating) bday cake for my friends this Saturday!!!


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