4HB day 6


4HB Day 6:

Ooh, I just realized this is Day 6 already!!!

The Good: I’m on day 6, SUCKA!!!  Also, I bought the Alpha-lipoic acid supplement at Walgreens.  I nearly bought the Green Tea Extract, but it wasn’t decaf, and, although I’d love to forget the coffee cravings, I just wasn’t quite sure about it.  I’ll do some more research on the benefits/drawbacks of caffeinated Green Tea Extract, and then decide (which translates as, I’ll probably just go get it tomorrow since I was chicken today).
The Bad: I had half a zone bar (which maybe that should be re-categorized under “The Neutral” – since I purposefully picked it, and I  gave half to my partner). I also had my packet of Splenda w/ my coffee this morning (though, I’m considering that “The Neutral,” too, since I made that reservation for myself).
The UGLY: Nothing, really. 😉  I’m apprehensive about Cheat Day tomorrow, but thanks to the info-spiration from New John (below), I’m feeling quite a bit better about it!


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