Thanks, New John!

I just found his site through a Google search, looking for advice and/or a cheat sheet for Cheat Day. (my first coming up tomorrow – I’m freaked and tempted not to take it…but I already bought a cheese danish! ;)).   It turns out, he has a Low Carb BBQ sauce recipe linked!  I’ll try it next week (as in, AFTER my Cheat Day), and see how it goes.

Here it is!  Low Carb BBQ Sauce Recipe from Spark People Recipes

Oh, and here’s a good little inspirational blog post on Cheat Days, also from New John (PS, I share your love for diet soda! I SO want to cut it out entirely!).

Best line of the blog post?  SLOW THE FORK DOWN!   (he means it literally)



Tomorrow’s the first Cheat Day…Thanks to New John for the inspiration!


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