4HB Day 10 – still hanging onto the wagon ;)


I maybe holding onto a spoke in the wheel, but I figure that’s ok, because I’m still moving forward. 😉

Honestly, the hardest thing about the whole 4-Hour Body diet has NOT been the bread – though I swear I thought it would be!  It’s the DAIRY!  I know, right?!  I never expected NOT having milk & slimfast in my coffee to make me such a grump!

In any case, today I fell off the wagon in a minor way, calorie-wise (though I know 4HB is not about calorie-counting, it’s still a little comforting to think of it that way!).  Re: food choices, I fell off the wagon in a bit more than minor way.   For lunch, I had a low-cal yogurt, and a tall non-fat chai with a shot of espresso and a shot of caramel (my favorite drink!).  The justification? WELL, I’m glad you (didn’t) ask!  😀  I hadn’t eaten lunch (not a great choice in and of itself, I know), and I had a 5hr class (final presentation day) to go to.  So, I asked my partner to pick me up the two culinary culprits in question.  And of course he did.  Maybe more of an explanation than a justification.  On the upswing, I’d prepared a slow-cooker dinner this morning, which was great for dinner!  Here’s that recipe:

Slow-Cooker Recipe for “FOOD” (makes 2.5 servings – I have a tiny slow-cooker)
(honestly, it’s too basic to get its own name, and it’s flexible enough to take on most any name you want to give it, via the spice rack, so FOOD it shall be dubbed!)

1) Combine the following in the slow-cooker:

  • 2 handfuls – White beans, parboiled & frozen
  • 1 handful – Cabbage, fresh frozen
  • 1/2 handful – Carrots, fresh frozen (optional)
  • 1 handful – Onions, fresh frozen
  • approx. 1/2 cup – Chicken broth/fat (saved and frozen from baking chicken)
  • Spices to taste

2) Go to work/school/read a book/do whatever it is you do, for anywhere from 8-11hrs.

3) Come home, breathe (if you don’t have kids; otherwise, commence 2nd job of child-rearing!).

4) Stir the crock-pot and unplug it.  Break up a pre-cooked chicken breast into the pot. Stir again, and leave till the chicken warms.
5) Serve in a bowl, and top with successive handfuls of shredded cabbage.
“FOOD” is good. 😉  So is freezing almost *everything* you can possibly get your hands on.

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