I decided to take my second cheat day today (Friday), because, frankly, Cheat Days make me TIRED. Yes, that’s right. If you’re on the 4HB diet, you’ve probably noticed that, too! After all the energy of a slow-carb diet during the week, your Cheat Day kicks your butt!!! And, since I like to get work done on Saturdays, I definitely don’t need to be dragging my behind (a behind full of a chocolate croissant, a lemon tart, a bunch of pizza, a big ol chai latte, and other goodies, I might add!!!). So, since Friday’s my “I did what I did and now I can’t did no more” day, I’m content.
In all, the week went okay. I did really pretty darn well avoiding bad habits, and I will say, though, I miss MILK. I want milk in my coffee, and that’s about the extent of my cravings!
Any advice for no-milk? 🙂
Back to eating…and feeling a little nauseous. 😛


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