Oh Noooes!


I just realized I haven’t posted in over 10 days!!!  What’s my problem?  No problem, actually.  I’ve certainly fallen off the wagon in some senses (ahem, the last 10 days?!).   I’m not trying to excuse myself, but I’ve made some good strides in some areas, and some major screw-ups in others.  Good news first, I say (no reason to dilute the good!).

Positive Strides:

  • I got all the supplements!
  • I’ve cut down on the diet soda to 1can/day!
  • I tried Stevia in my tea, and it was great!


  • I totally fell off the wagon during finals week.
  • I pretty much stayed off the wagon, playing in the mud, for the past week or so, while off visiting family (Latinos are always eating…and I’m not sure I ever want to break out of that habit!).
“But it’s okay becauses”:
  • I may have convinced my mother to go 4HB with me for the next month!  There’s a wedding in the family coming up in August, and we’d really like to look our best (ah, vanity, an ultimate motivator!).
  • I’ve been watching what I eat!  So, when I say I fell off the wagon, I mean I’m drinking skim lattes with my sister while I walk 2miles around the lake at a leisurely pace! 🙂

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