20 Days Since My Last…


Post. 😛  What, did you think I was going to write “drink”? LOL.  Well, honestly, I think it’s been 20 days since my last completely on-the-wagon day, as well.  Spending three weeks with family members who all want to get in shape has been extraordinarily bad for my waist!  It’s like living la vida sabrosa everytime I go home 😛  But, I’m back, and walking along Lake Michigan is a great way to get things moving again.  Plus, today is Day 2 of my PAGG / AGG stack.  I like that. 🙂  SO things are really looking up (well, hopefully down as far as the scale, etc, is concerned).

Now, to get to work on all my summer research, sorely neglected while I was playing with toddlers and eating deliciously atrocious amounts of home-cooked food!  ¡DM, los latinos pueden COCINAR!  I’m not sure where to start on the research, exactly, but I’m sure that, re: bloging, I’ll be back on the wagon now. 🙂


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