Quark – Not physics, just PROTEIN!


Appel Farms quark

Yeaaap, one of the only good health-related experiences I got out of visiting my parents this summer was quark.  I think cottage cheese, which is actually OK for the 4-Hour Body diet, is getting a bit bland.  And, since I LOVE my dairy products, I’m eternally looking for milky items I can get away with!  Enter quark!

It is, for lack of a better word, a type of cheese.  More sour than yogurt, with somewhat of the consistency of sour cream, and an overall semi-grainy texture.  It’s definitely an acquired taste, but well worth it for the nutrition!

Quark Nutrition Facts

Calories Fat Carbs Protein Sodium
63 0.2g 3.9g 11.3g mg

Here’s an articl on the nutrition in quark, by Nicole Wolf, hosted by the website Livestrong (which is itself a pretty awesome website for nutrition and exercise info).

Surprisingly, Wikipedia claims that quark is the same thing as tvorog, a Russian-style cheese which I ate TONS of while I was away in Kyrgyzstan last year

These are Ukranian blinchiki, but hey, they look the same as the ones I love in KG)

(Russian-style food is very common in Kyrgyzstan).  I *love* tvorog (though mostly IN things and not by itself), but I’d say the resemblance is anything but exact.  Tvorog I eat in Kyrgyzstan is far more course, and a little more sour, even, than the packaged, processed quark I found in mom and dad’s fridge.  Plus, the tvorog I love so much in Kyrgyzstan comes mixed with what is probably an ungodly amount of sugar and fat, wrapped in crepes and called “blinchiki.”  (<—as an aside, I got the picture from a Google search which led me to a website about marrying Ukranian brides, or renting them, or whatever it is people do…!!!)

Since quark is also called “farmers’ cheese,” who knows?  Perhaps it varies locally, since, well, farms and farmers vary, too.

Related Links I found in the process of looking up this fabulous yummy food are as follows:
  • Russian Food (Русская еда), from RussianLessons.net
  •  And here is a really heart-warming post about blinchiki and mama

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