Thank you, Harry Potter 7b! You may now grow up. ;-)


This post is in response to Sonia Lal at StoryTreasury, who wrote a nice wrap-up of the strengths and weaknesses of the new HP7b….

Oh yes, I’ll second/third ALL of those sentiments (plus Tabby’s comment about the head snatcher – he reminded me of a hot David Bowie on testosterone!).  Speaking/writing of hotties, did anyone notice Ron Weasley near the beginning, all made over like one of Bellatrix’s henchmen?  O.M.G.YUMMY!!! 😛

Ron as Henchman? Two words: Yes, please!

I saw the movie on opening night in 3D (third row, too!), and I’m glad I did. The 3D effects were a bit more subtle than I expected, but I love the depth they added, without making the whole movie into a theme-park ride. There were some parts of the movie that were theme-parkish, and I adored them!  I *LOVED* the bank vault roller coaster scene, and the flying scenes — they made sitting in the third row of the theater completely worth it!

One of my (oddly) favorite, most quotable parts of the movie?  “Harry Potter is dead!  You all have to put your faith in ME, NOW!”  OH.  WOW. Said like a true WIMP.  Joseph(?) Fiennes made Voldemort just ROCK as a whiny, snotty little loser who’d do anything to be loved and respected (except, of course, actually DESERVE said love and respect).  That moment was just CLASSIQUE.

Neville the HERO!

Neville definitely gets the prize for growing up to be the MOSTEST awesomest!!!

Honestly, I’ve never read the books <hangs head in shame>, and it was really hard for me to get past the first two movies, but Alan Rickman has always been my FAVE character, with Neville Longbottom coming in a close second. So, the only thing I was a little miffed at was that Neville did NOT appear in the epilogue!


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