What are you good at remembering?


Maybe if I highlighted each chapter with a smelly marker, I'd do better on tests. ;@)

I’m good at remembering…


Chances are if you can tell me what I ate or what I smelled (there’s a %50 overlap anyway, right? Haha!), I can tell you about the REST of the situation.

I, for one, think it’s a cool talent!  I really gives me a rich sense of memory and imagination (sometimes perhaps a combination – I’m only human).  The only problem is, well, there aren’t too many exams which question your knowledge of smells and tastes.

The obvious exception, of course, is Top Chef!  I remember the episode where the contestants received bowls of random things, and had to tell what they were by the taste/aroma of the item.  I could have passed that test with MUCH higher scores than did any of the contestants….

In fact, when I cook, I can combine different smell/taste memories.  I just think about them and remember their smell/taste, and I have a pretty good guess of what it will taste like.  I’m usually pretty spot-on, too!  There have been obvious exceptions, of course.  Like the summer I thought light beer + juice concentrate wouldn’t be delicious (IT IS! Thanks to my cousin who forced me to try it anyway!).  Or, like the time I thought sharp white cheddar cheese + raspberry preserves + fudge brownie would be delicious (to my credit, I personally loved it.  It was everyone else that nearly retched).  Still, I trust my nose implicitly when it comes to culinary creativity. :@)

Funny, I think that sense of memory leads me to keeping a much more effective food diary than, you know, event/emotional diary.  Too bad I can’t smell my blog!  However, I wonder whether it would be effective to put on some kind of perfume/lotion when I go to sit down to write/read/study/whatever.  Maybe…?

<just got off the phone w/ relatives>

The other “too bad” is when I don’t have smell memories of someone–like my grandfather.  We’re pretty close, actually (I’m the favorite grandchild, hehe), but I can’t “smell” him–good OR bad– in my memory.  He’s sick, now, and fading pretty fast, so I really wish I could depend on my smell-memory to “bring” him to me.  But, I can’t.  Luckily, I suppose, he’s a quirky enough guy that I have more than a few memories stored in my other senses.  Luckier still, he is, hands-down, THE most tech-savvy senior I’ve ever met, so I have more emails from him than I have from just about anyone I know.  Still, no smell-memory.  Then again, maybe that’s a blessing in disguise, so when I cry, and my nose stuffs up and I can’t smell anything, I’ll have some other senses to depend on.


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