I <3 Spanglish Chick (aka procrastination)


Procrastinating during lunch time (err, and on until about 6pm!), I happened upon the following site, Spanglish Chick.  It seems as if they blog infrequently, but they’re still awesome enough to ❤ in my book!  So, keep on blogging, chicas! Estoy pidiendo!

The article that got me started on their site was an interesting piece on the somewhat unexpected (in mainstream American culture, at least) amount of Latino/a diversity, called “Who Would’ve Guessed?.”  The article itself was admittedly awkward in a few places, but overall gave a nice intro for those not already introduced to a topic that is both important and (IMHO) waaay underrepresented.  And, ¡ay, la diversidad! 😉  There were a lot of chicas in there that don’t get a lot of play for their Latina heritage.  As would be expected, most of the article’s examples were of famous people (¿Dónde están nuestras mujeres plebeyas?), and the examples were generally light-skinned White Latinas – where were all the Black Latinas?  Still, the writer seemed to be an open-minded Houstonian, wrapping her mind around an identity which encompasses a wide and often unacknowledged cross-section of pan-American diversity (well, world diversity).

Ill definitely keep reading the contributor and the blog!

In the meantime (and always, hehe), if you’re in the Chicago area, check out the groups Mujeres Latinas en Acción(en)/Mujeres Latinas en Acción(sp) and Amigas Latinas.  Their upcoming event, discussing their “Latina Portrait Study 2011,” is happening July 28, so hurry up and get involved (it’s RSVP-required).

For something lighter, try the following FunnyorDie video (courtesy of the aforementioned Spanglish Chick blog – muchas gracias!!!)

Aaand, for something that’s not a lampoon, try the Telenovela, “Prisionera” (“Liberty”).  I kinda wish it went on forever, but it doesn’t (it’s a little old, but it’s one of my FAVORITES).  I found the Prisionera trailer with English subtitles, but I only found the rest of the show with, err, other subtitles (ahem, Greek, Russian, you name it! Just not English.  Maybe elsewhere on the web?

Ok.  Procrastination over.  Thanks, Spanglish Chick, for the fun day of web-browsing. 😛


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