Gone for a while


Well, that much is obvious. I have been gone for a while. Gone from my online life, gone from my offline life, as well. Really, the only life I’ve been engaging in is that of my best friend. My best friend is a beautiful, wonderful person – and now a beautiful, wonderful, cancer-surviving person.

Invasive ductile cell carcinoma at age 27. A young survivor. A mastectomy. Hospital bills. It sounds like the tag cloud for a Mayo Clinic blog. Unfortunately, it’s the big gray tag cloud that has been hanging over our head for the last six week. It will be our tag cloud for a while longer, but other tags keep appearing, too. Hope. Prayer. Thankfulness. Friendship. Surprise. Support. Unexpected love from unseen corners. Depth. Exploration. Genuineness. Discovery. Letting go of B.S. Research. Knowledge. KICKING @$$.

I am so privileged to be with her right now, in some of her darkest hours. I’m going to keep doing so. I’m going to try and post a little more, if just for my own sanity (the info was under wraps until just a bit ago, so I didn’t feel comfortable blogging about it, even with the semi-anonymity of the blogosphere).

That reminds me, yesterday was Tuesday – and so (thanks @Samantha Lal !) it was Tuesday Teaser Day! So here’s my teaser. Please excuse the lack of formatting, links, etc. I’ll edit the post and get to it when I get to it.

The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer
By Siddhartha Mukherjee

Teaser (from pg. 190):
"At the end of the evening, as the demitasse cups were being wheeled away, Farber rose to the stage in the full glare of the lights. / The prospect of a systematic solution to a cure intoxicated oncologists."

This is the only book recommended by another young survivor friend of mine. Yep, the one book about cancer that she recommended.

More later.

Best to all.



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