You know what one of my favorite things in the whole, wide world is?  Lighthearted religious figures.  Yep, a priest, mullah, rabbi, guru, etc, w/ a sense of humor is where it’s at.  They somehow maintain the respect for humanity and the divine, while painting both an awesome shade of neon pink.

Continuing on my (okay, just about everybody’s) theme of New Years Resolutions, I read an old article by Rev. James Martin, S.J.  It wasn’t meant to be hilarious, exactly, but the dude definitely put the myrrh in myrrhth (Christmas pun, sorry!).  The article is titled, “12 Really Stupid Things I Never Want To Do Again.”  Some of the highlights:


  •  St. Francis de Sales, a lighthearted 17th-century saint, once said: “Be who you are and be that perfectly well.”
  • “Everyone gets sick, for Pete’s sake. In the words of the great prophets, suck it up.”
  • If you ever get discouraged about your rate of change, just think about trees — yes, trees. In the summer they’re green. In the fall they’re red. And no one sees them change.


For me, the last line, especially, holds significance at the New Year.  Okay, admittedly, the trees now (at least in the midwest) have NO leaves, and I DID see a lot of them flying off the branches.  Still, it’s meaningful to think about the trees’ changes and my own New Years resolutions.  I don’t need to announce my impending change (though it might help to tell a few choice friends).  I don’t need to worry–and conversely, I need to keep myself from anticipating too highly–that people will see me or judge me (or compliment me) in the process of change.  I just have to change, naturally.

You know what o…


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