Procrastinating on Fun Stuff?


Sometimes (well who am I kidding? A lot of the time!) having ADHD feels like the perfect storm of creativity, procrastination, and perfectionism. I procrastinate even at stuff I like to do, or have been looking forward to doing! Wtf?!
One thing I’ve found that helps at least a little bit, a little bit of the time, is to just allow myself to take the easy way in finishing (or just progressing on) a project. Yesterday, for instance, I went ahead and ordered 250 Save the Date postcards to come to my house. That wasn’t the plan-it would have been more efficient to have sent them from the website directly to the guest. But I knew that if I had them sitting online, waiting for addresses, I’d never really get around to them. So, I ordered them to come directly to the house. That way, I can keep a bunch in my bag, and hans them out or address them at other (probably still inappropriate) times (ahem, during class!).
I was a little dismayed that I had to take that route, but hey, we’ll see if it works.


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