Travel Tip – Vitamin C!


I travel a lot for both work and pleasure, and–one of the brighter sides of ADHD’s consistent inconsistency–I find I’m a pretty great innovator! So, I’ve decided to start slipping travel tips into some blog posts. Hopefully this will allow me to (gasp!) consistently leave a record of my innovations so that others can use then, and, let’s face it, so that I can use them when I forget!

Travel tip of the day: buy a bag of Vitamin C lozenges for the adventure. I used to take packets of Emergen-C. Emergen-C is an excellent supplement choice, but it requires water (potable water, to boot!). Clean water isn’t always available when you’re on the road, and on a lot of my travels, I’ve found locals don’t drink a lot of plain water, anyway. Lozenges are a great fix. They will keep up your vitamin c intake, and they work as candy or a little boost when your blood sugar is low. Plus, a gift of wrapped candy to a travel companion or a local friend usually goes over really well, I’ve found. It provides a little warmth and camaraderie, and doesn’t make anyone super beholden to another.

Plus, lozenges are pretty cheap – I’d suggest going with the store brand at Target.

Here, just for us ADHDers (or photophiles) is the entire article summed up in a picture:



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