4-Hour Body


Yet another post in an effort to clean up my blog.  I’ve taken the  content of a page I don’t update regularly, and added it as a single post.  So, if you’re interested in weightloss, 4HB, Tim (forget his last name), or the like, read on!

Interested in the 4-Hour Body thingy?  I did actually go through and read the book by Time Ferriss , and it was indeed pretty good.  So, as is obvious from my blog, I’m trying the Four-Hour Body diet.  I’m easing into the water slowly, in that I’m waiting to do the exercises and the PAGG-stack until the 2nd and 3rd weeks (or somewhere around there…or whenever I get to the drugstore and buy the supplements!).  Here, until I’m more expertly Timmy-ed out than Mr. 4HB himself, are the resources I’m looking at on a pretty regular basis:

Crap That Looks Mighty Official

Instructionables :)

Personal Experiences

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