New category: Fake it till you make it!


Sooo I’m creating a new category – “fake it till you make it”.  Let’s call it FITYMI (I think I’ll pronounce it fitoomie).  These are things which can help you get more into the Drupal/open source community.

First few (maybe I’ll expand on their merits and challenges later):

  • Create an account at
  • Join some groups at (and if you want to sound cooler, call it DGO)
    • Hint: I wouldn’t recommend posting to any of the DGO groups until you get the feel for the group, or until you really, really have something to ask/say.  People are nice on DGO, but (at least in my experience) the groups tend to be pretty businesslike.
  • Join  –  This is an excellent site for finding answers to your Drupal questions, or any other coding questions.
    • Warning: If you ask a question on StackExchange and that question (or one like it) has already been asked, there’s a significant chance that someone will point you to the other question and shut down your question.  It’s not a bad thing, but it feels a little crappy.


More to come (hopefully)!


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