A couple of modules that will make you look like a badass


Working with seasoned developers means I learn a lot, and it means I feel like a complete noob pretty often.  Buuut, there are those times when I’m able to whip something out that makes even a seasoned pro a little impressed.  While I definitely advocate trying to use core as much as possible, here are two modules that have recently helped me FITYMI (fake it till you make it):

  1. Double Field – Yes, this module is really simple.  It does just what it says.  It literally just combines two fields into one.  The choices about which fields you can combine are pretty limited, but they are pretty powerful.  I have used it for phone number extensions (though there’s probably a better way to do this), and Q&A type use cases.  In some ways, it’s a module I’m never sure when I’ll need or how often I’ll need, but I when it’s there, it’s bound to come to the rescue at least once.
  2. Conditional Fields – This module is also pretty obvious. Still, it’s an excellent thing to have in your toolkit.  It’s perfect for use cases like “Other” options, etc.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve used this one now.  No matter what project you’re working on, there’s always a “But what if I don’t wanna…?” waiting to happen.

I won’t go into just how knowing about these fields made me look like a badass.  Suffice to say, I’m lucky I work with people who are willing to go, “Oh, right! Duh!”  And I think that’s pretty common in the Drupal community. 🙂

Did you already know about these two modules?  If so, tell me about your top two FITYMI modules!


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