Steve Elam; author of BACKSLIDE 07/14 by OutTakes | Blog Talk Radio


Granted, the summer isn’t nearly half over, but this is a GRRREAT summer read!  Backslide is an action story, with a little hometown love and redemption thrown in for good measure.  It’s available for purchase in the usual places, as well as on the author’s website at

Steve Elam; author of BACKSLIDE 07/14 by OutTakes | Blog Talk Radio.


Tired of my AD/HD


On days like today, I am just tired of having ADHD. I’m tired of not being able to be an adult, in so many of the ways that matter. I’m tired of having chronic symptoms that DO have a name (see, labels aren’t all bad all the time!), but have a name which I can’t repeat along the marble halls of the ivy towers (really, they’re just cement halls-and there is a sorrowful lack of ivy here). I am tired of hearing people around me claim to sympathize, saying “I was late on a paper once,” or “Yeah, I get bored easily too!” I am tired of being a cautionary tale. I am tired of being scared to check my email. I am tired of preparing for months and then having to write a paper from memory because I don’t know what I did with all that preparation or where the time went. I am tired of professors being confused (or worse, wary) that I didn’t seem to understand the requirements for the course.

I am tired if not realizing that a situation is bad until it is Way. Too. Bad.

I am tired of knowing that if I do eventually get my PhD, I will be an exception and not the norm. I am tired of knowing that it is possible, but not probable, for me to achieve my goal.

Luckily, though, even if I fail at this goal, I’ll probably have a new goal in a year or two. I’ll probably have a lurking sense of sadness and confusion, but I probably won’t remember the specifics. Oh well, no big deal. I just can’t help myself. I mean, I have ADHD.

Stuff You Missed in History Class – Mailing Address!


Most of us would agree that the hosts of the How Stuff Works podcast, “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” are pretty fantastic.  And, they seem to get piles of postcards–and even a few care packages!–to prove it.  I mean, do you ever wonder from where the fantastic hosts of the How Stuff Works podcast, Stuff You Missed in History Class get all those postcards and packages?

A few weeks ago, I did figure out how to email SYMIHC podcasters, and I even sent them my first email! (I received a quick response, too!)  But since I’ve traveled some come pretty cool places, and their podcast has faithfully entertained me during those times, I’ve been wanting to send them a postcard forevaaah.  Finally, I just bucked up and wrote another email (I’m kinda shy), and true to form, got a sweet reply!  So here’s the info:

Holly & Tracy*
c/o How Stuff Works
One Capital City Plaza
3350 Peachtree Road NE
Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30326-1425

*Note: Holly and Tracy are the new podcast hosts.  Deblina and Sarah, pictured above, recently left to be awesome in other fields.

Travel Tip – Vitamin C!


I travel a lot for both work and pleasure, and–one of the brighter sides of ADHD’s consistent inconsistency–I find I’m a pretty great innovator! So, I’ve decided to start slipping travel tips into some blog posts. Hopefully this will allow me to (gasp!) consistently leave a record of my innovations so that others can use then, and, let’s face it, so that I can use them when I forget!

Travel tip of the day: buy a bag of Vitamin C lozenges for the adventure. I used to take packets of Emergen-C. Emergen-C is an excellent supplement choice, but it requires water (potable water, to boot!). Clean water isn’t always available when you’re on the road, and on a lot of my travels, I’ve found locals don’t drink a lot of plain water, anyway. Lozenges are a great fix. They will keep up your vitamin c intake, and they work as candy or a little boost when your blood sugar is low. Plus, a gift of wrapped candy to a travel companion or a local friend usually goes over really well, I’ve found. It provides a little warmth and camaraderie, and doesn’t make anyone super beholden to another.

Plus, lozenges are pretty cheap – I’d suggest going with the store brand at Target.

Here, just for us ADHDers (or photophiles) is the entire article summed up in a picture: