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4-Hour Body


Yet another post in an effort to clean up my blog.  I’ve taken the  content of a page I don’t update regularly, and added it as a single post.  So, if you’re interested in weightloss, 4HB, Tim (forget his last name), or the like, read on!

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Salsas…muy salsa!


In an effort to clean up my blog a little bit, I’ve decided to take a page or two which I don’t update very often, and just place it as a post.  First up, is this page, containing my two favorite salsas, “Tapatio,” and “Lao Ganma.”  Enjoy!

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Faster than a Speeding Grocery Cart!


After a yucky bronchial-spasmy asthma incident (ugh – it’s just that boxing is really fun and feels so good, it’s hard to stop!), I’m stuck with a sore throat.  Boo.  But, on the upside, that led me to do a search for throat soothing foods, which led me to a link on the website Livestrong.  That, in turn, led me to another article, called “The 20 Best Foods in Your Grocery Store,” by Susy Sedano.  

Granted, it wasn’t the link I originally started out looking for (yep, easily distracted, riiiigh here!), but it’s a really handy list!  Plus, how awesome is the picture of the zooming grocery cart?!  Makes me want to jump on back, kick a leg out behind me, and ride the cart all over the parking lot!

The 20 Best Foods in Your Grocery Store*:

  • Almonds
  • Asparagus
  • Avocados
  • Berries
  • Bell Peppers
  • Black Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Butternut Squash
  • Chicken Breast
  • Edamame
  • Eggs
  • Flaxseed
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Spinach
  • Salmon
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Yogurt


*Thanks to some dude named Tim Hoefer for cutting and pasting the list of foods from deep inside the article, right onto the front page!

Yes, in fact, I WILL have the dessert menu.


I guess it’s called Bassett’s Mix. I just know it as MORE LICORICE, PULIZZEEE!!

H~ll, I’d like most everything on it, actually!

Maybe that chick at 4-Hour Body Couple was right.  Mid-week on the 4HB plan is MISERABLE.  I keep telling myself, even the word “miserable” contains the word “able.”  But then again, “miserable” also contains the word “miser.”  That might just bring the Chicken Soup for the Dieter’s Soul-ish pun down a notch, huh?

Gulab Jamun. It’s an Indian sweet, flavored with cardamom and made from…cheese!

But, I digress (and if you want to see more about having clinical digression (<–Hint: that’s not a real thing, I just made that up), check out the AD/HD page on this site!)…. 😉  I am determined not to go to the small grocery just a stone’s throw away, where Ben & Jerry’s, Skittles, chocolate-covered raisins, Junior Mints, Snickers, Good n’ Plenties, bridge mix licorice, and, perhaps most tempting of all, gulab jamun, are sold.

Instead, I’m channeling all my amazing cooking skills.  Mind you, these are skills which make me an unusually terrible dieter.  I know how  to cook, bake, fry, etc, everything from ooey gooey enchiladas to dulce de leche (though I like to call ’em “drunken cakes”) to mouth-melty scones to…you get the picture.  Nope.  I’m going to channel my cooking skills and make mousse.  🙂  I thought of it the other day as I was making (semi-failed) lava cakes  and I’ve been thinking of it ever since!

Mousse!  It’s kind of perfectly adaptable to 4HB diets!

Maybe my mousse will look like this?

I’ve found one 4HB-friendly looking recipe so far, so I’ll share now, and I’ll post later to let you know how it goes.  It’s from Felicity Daley Personal Training, called “dessert: No fat, high protein chocolate mousse.”  I can’t exactly vouch for Felicity’s personal training services at this point, since it was just the magic Googlator that pointed me onto the site.  Still, the recipe looks like it could be good!

For those of you who don’t want to click through, here’s how Felicity Daley makes the Chocolate Mousse:

This yummy dessert yields only 80 calories, 0g of fat, 1.3g of carbohydrate per serve and a whopping 19g of protein! So dig in!

Ingredients: (serves 1)2 eggwhites
1/2 a serve of myocell chocolate protein
(from GNC)
Couple if drops of vanilla essence (optional)

Beat eggwhites into stiff peaks (see picture below). In a separate bowl, combine protein powder with cold water to make a smooth, jello-like paste. Combine the two mixtures, add the vanilla essence and serve!

Chocolate Mousse ingredients

Felicity Daley's Mousse Ingredient/Tool Picture. !Sabroso!

Now here’s the clincher, or the letdown, or whatever.  The recipe uses protein powder.   And honestly, I don’t mind!  I use protein powder.  I’m not sure that protein powder was ever mentioned in the 4HB book, but I like it!  It’s only got 2grams of sugar, and it has 25 grams of protein!  In the morning, I mix it with my coffee and (here’s the REAL 4HB “no-no”) skim milk.  It knocks my protein breakfast right out of the way!  (hmm, this may actually be an idea I’d like to share!  Maybe I’ll write another post about it, later?)

So, I’ll try it and continue this sweet chocolatey saga later….

Quark – Not physics, just PROTEIN!


Appel Farms quark

Yeaaap, one of the only good health-related experiences I got out of visiting my parents this summer was quark.  I think cottage cheese, which is actually OK for the 4-Hour Body diet, is getting a bit bland.  And, since I LOVE my dairy products, I’m eternally looking for milky items I can get away with!  Enter quark!

It is, for lack of a better word, a type of cheese.  More sour than yogurt, with somewhat of the consistency of sour cream, and an overall semi-grainy texture.  It’s definitely an acquired taste, but well worth it for the nutrition!

Quark Nutrition Facts

Calories Fat Carbs Protein Sodium
63 0.2g 3.9g 11.3g mg

Here’s an articl on the nutrition in quark, by Nicole Wolf, hosted by the website Livestrong (which is itself a pretty awesome website for nutrition and exercise info).

Surprisingly, Wikipedia claims that quark is the same thing as tvorog, a Russian-style cheese which I ate TONS of while I was away in Kyrgyzstan last year

These are Ukranian blinchiki, but hey, they look the same as the ones I love in KG)

(Russian-style food is very common in Kyrgyzstan).  I *love* tvorog (though mostly IN things and not by itself), but I’d say the resemblance is anything but exact.  Tvorog I eat in Kyrgyzstan is far more course, and a little more sour, even, than the packaged, processed quark I found in mom and dad’s fridge.  Plus, the tvorog I love so much in Kyrgyzstan comes mixed with what is probably an ungodly amount of sugar and fat, wrapped in crepes and called “blinchiki.”  (<—as an aside, I got the picture from a Google search which led me to a website about marrying Ukranian brides, or renting them, or whatever it is people do…!!!)

Since quark is also called “farmers’ cheese,” who knows?  Perhaps it varies locally, since, well, farms and farmers vary, too.

Related Links I found in the process of looking up this fabulous yummy food are as follows:
  • Russian Food (Русская еда), from RussianLessons.net
  •  And here is a really heart-warming post about blinchiki and mama

I found a few really fun websites today, and signed up for the first of them, as well as downloaded the third one (I have yet to listen to it, but the reviews are numerous and awesome).  The other (ahem, RUNNING), I’m just going to bookmark here and see about twisting my fiance’s arm into.  Drumroll please….

1)  4 Hour People forum

2)  The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan

3)  Couch to 5k Running Podcasts

Fun website day?