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Belleza en el baño


I saw this beautiful piece of artwork in the bathroom stall at university today. I can’t say it was super inspirational, but it was certainly muy romántico!



Photo Quiet


“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

-Ansel Adams, American West landscape photographer, who was born on this day in 1902.

I don’t think he’s a famous ADHDer or anything, but it is a nice reminder that there are low-key ways we can express ourselves, and that we can shut up and just let it ride sometimes.


Too fun to resist! – QR Tags

Too fun to resist! – QR Tags

I know i must be coming in late on this, but QR tags are fun to make and AWESOME!

I just thought about it tonight, since my partner LOVES scanning crap w/ his phone (personally I think it’s kinda jank, but i’d use it if there were anythign worth scanning…. It would be awesome if using QR tags are/were a search function on Google for iPhone/Android/Etc.

—> So, here’s a couple links to get you started.  They’re just what I found, and you could very well find more. 🙂

  • If you want a quick, one-off QR code to send a string of text (incidentally, all this started bc I’m trying to find ways to propose to my partner, and I thought maybe using QR codes as part of the proposal scheme could be cute…), contact details, a URL, etc., use this super easy/no-nonsense website, qrstuff.com.
  • If you’re serious about using QR codes effectively (for business or pleasure or whatever. It’s a blog post w/ tips on what to do and what not to do), see this 2d-code blog post by Roger.
  • If you wanna be artsy with your QR codes, I think Microsoft tag has the best platform for creating QR codes.  Note that you’ll either have to have a Windows Live ID, or you’ll have to sign up for one (I did, and I could use my email address as my sign-in, so it ended up being easy peasy).  They let you do cool stuff like making pretty QR tags, tracking your stats, etc.  Most of the fuctions you don’t have to pay for, either! (honestly, I haven’t figured out how to make a standard-looking tag, but I’m hoping that will come with time?)  Oh, and you can save them and access them later, too!

¿¡Que bacan, no?!

As if you needed this...you're already here!

Ah, art… :)


You know what else is like diets?  Art.  Creativity.  At least for me.  I always promise myself that I’ll get to it soon.  Soon soon….

I have a list as long as my arm of art projects I want to do.  These include:

Make a wire cup rack for my awesome collection of Einstein Bros Bagels mugs! (they’re only $2.59 at the shop on campus, AND you get 99cent coffee thereafter, so they’ve become a surrogate for the shoe fetish I never had)

Making my awesome collection of sarees into wall art (I bought a ton of them in India this winter w/ my fiance’s family, and now they’re just sitting on a shelf! Ugh!

Making a shower curtain out of plastic bags (yep, you can totally iron plastic bags together to make tarp-like material! Free shower curtain!!!

Making potporri

Making more chapstick (I made this in ’09 w/ a friend and we had chapstick for a year! It was awesome!

Using up my huge supply of tea tree oil (my grandmother gave it to me, but I just don’t have much of a use for it! dang!)

And not last and not least (but the last I remember at the moment):  Making things out of he old books I get for free at the UChicago library book sales.  Yes, they’re old and they’re beautiful–some of them are from the early 1900s and even the mid to late 1800s, but still, what the hell am i going to do w/ all those books?!  I have so many!!!

Anyway, here is my inspiration for today:

Things to do with old books

Weevils in the flour part 2


Well, sort of.  This doesn’t actually have much to do with the first part.  Yes, dudes like doing that.  Yes, it sucks.  But YES!  I finally found some info on boll weevils in my flour!

Screw it!  Like my mama always said about hairs and such, “It’s just a lil extra protein!”  So, I’m gonna use the flour anyway.


Ooh, and bad pun of the day:  You know weevils are trying to tell us all something.  I mean, just look at their name! WEEVIL = “WE EVIL”

But for next time, I’m going to not be stupid, and, since it is a Saturday and I can pretend like Monday (and hence all my responsibilities) will never come, I’m going to spend the next few hours (probably) putting my flour in ziplock baggies and storing it for the requisite four days in the freezer, to kill the WE-EVILS. 😉  Here’s a How-To article on getting rid of weevils, if you need it!