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Things My Greyhound Has Taught Me So Far


a) Dogs seem to like to chew on cords, in general.
b) Our greyt doesn’t go for synthetic chew toys, EVEN when flavored.
c) She’ll chew for a LONG time on real bones and meat products.
d) We read that we should budget for the month. But our darling greyhound has taught that that, nope, we should budget for the hour! (so far, she costs ~$1/hr)

And, at this very moment, whilst eating a frozen beef bone, my grey baby is teaching me that, to suck the very marrow out of life, you really do have to drag it around and keep chewing.


Late Post…But New Greyhound Fur-baby!

Darn, two weeks almost without a post?  There goes my Post a WEEK thing, right?! Booo….  My fantastic excuse, of course, is that classes have started and we moved and best of all…
…we adopted a retired racing greyhound!
(remember the post about obsessing over the pictures? Yep, we got one of our own to obsess over now!)
Our “Gotcha!” day wasSeptember 22, 2011.  After meeting our new fur-baby the Saturday before that at a GreyhoundsOnly Meet&Greet at PAWS animal shelter in Chicago, we knew she was the one!  Our awesome adoption rep helped us through the hours-long process (lots of info and encouragement!).  Then, we had a good dinner, a late night walk, and lots of treats!  Then…we slept really well!!!  The next morning, I finally got around to taking some pictures…
New Greyhound, Same Old Fiance

Now I've got two late sleepers in my life...a new greyhound and the same old fiance!

I guess our adoption rep was right on…our greyt knew *exactly* what she was doing with her racing career!  She ran four races…and trailed in all of them!  At just over two years old with an average, healthy lifespan of 12-14 years!), she is a “retired” greyhound!
Now all this pup has to master are two flights of stairs and the urge to eat mama’s tuna-salad!  Oh wait…she also spends 16-18 hours a day (NO exaggeration – greyhounds are a wonderfully lazy breed of dog) perfecting her “roach” position, where she sleeps with her feet up in the air.
Yep, *this* sure is the life (for all of us)!

Tuesday Evening Greyhound Fantasies


Aw, I almost made the #PostaWeek2011 promise this week, but…I’m two days late. 🙂  I want to describe my newly amazing wedding cake-making skills, thanks to my little sister’s recent nuptials, but that’ll have to save itself for a little later.

An adoptable greyhound named "Easy"
It would be so “easy” to fall in love with this guy! Click for his profile on GreyhoundsOnly!

For now, I’m fresh (yeah, right!) off the plane, already missing mi familia, and here’s what I’m thinking about:  greyhounds!

I’m SO excited to move into new digs and adopt a retired racing greyhound through GreyhoundsOnly, a local Midwest organization.

I had my phone interview with Joy, a kennel manager, tonight on the phone.  She was really informative, and seemed really excited about having my fiance and I as soon-to-be greyhound owners.  I admit, I did try pretty hard to seem on top of my stuff (especially since I have tried pretty hard to BE on top of my stuff, re: greyhound adoption!).  I think she liked that, though B totally noticed the change in countenance.  Still, he said he’d have acted the same way – he reaaaally wants a greyhound, too.

So of course, I’m perusing the adoptable greyhound lists again (ahem, for the billionth time) instead of writing my research as I know I should be.  It’s making me a lot happier, though! 🙂

Here’s my current dream-dog, named–what else?!–Easy!  Life might not always (ever?) be such, but here’s a boy that could make life a lot more fun!  Plus, one of his parents is named Flying Hydrogen (how cool is that for a physicist?!), and the other is named Ale Aivas Memory.

Sigh.  My heart melts.  Well, part of it.  The other part of me is sitting her like Elvira (?), the old cartoon character that would chase around little helpless animals, screaming like some quasi-toddler-imp, “Oh he’s soooo cute! I just wanna hug him, and love him, and squeeze him…!”  Beware, my someday-dog, beware.  I will cuddle you till you’re so tired of it, you’ll consider switching diets from Purina Proplan…to una Latina con Leche. ^_^  <insert oh-so innocent laugh>