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Funny Blondes


It just dawned on me that, as messed up as it may be, I don’t usually find stereotypically-gorgeous blonde chicks funny.  Not usually, anyway.  Do you ever get that?  Like whatever comedic expression her skinny, smooth peach-skinned face trying to make just looks like…a skinny, smooth peach-skinned face trying to make a comedic expression.  Nothing against them – they can look sweet, and happy, and lots of other positive adjectives.  Just not…funny.  Not usually, anyway.

I promised myself tonight that I WOULD finish my paper (to be fair, it’s not yet technically “tomorrow,” so I still have time, though barely any).  It’s two weeks late (yes, WEEKS – and yes, I WILL blame it on my AD/HD).  Argh.  But, I digress.

So, paper time…trying to find some suitable YouTube music vids to inspire me in cranking out the academic genius…thinking maybe Dinah Washington or Marian Anderson or just some twangy guitar in the background.  But I didn’t.  However, I DID find a super funny blonde chick! (Again, I blame that on the AD/HD – the finding the cool thing on accident, not the not finding, though they’re probably intricately related, lol).

Which made me think of…

My List of Funny Blondes:

(let’s just start with the obvious ones):

  • Chelsea Handler
  • Heather Graham
  • Lucille Ball(she was a redhead!)
  • This Chick (Jenna Marbles)

….And so, with much ado, here she is:

If that doesn’t work, there’s always the actual URL:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWVfG2mA8Rc&feature=fvhl

Now I’m really, really, really going to finish my paper.  So I can read a stupid FUN book and not have my Tuesday Teaser of Cohen’s The Criminal Process in the People’s Republic of China, 1949-1963: An Introduction pale in comparison to everything Ms. Sonia Lal over at Story Treasury reads! (and yes, she definitely deserves the accolades as a Seriously Cute Blogger, though precious few things could ever be cuter than a dog!)  Hey, maybe I’m going to make up my OWN award, a la Jenna Marble’s formula (all mathey and sciencey and stuff!)  Since it should have to do w/ blogging maybe I’ll call it the . . .

Huggable Enchilada Sloth?     Useful Posole Sloth?      Meticulous Custard Mouse?

What would those avatars even look like?!  😉  <–(That’s my lil smiley skittle fox)






Tuesday Evening Greyhound Fantasies


Aw, I almost made the #PostaWeek2011 promise this week, but…I’m two days late. 🙂  I want to describe my newly amazing wedding cake-making skills, thanks to my little sister’s recent nuptials, but that’ll have to save itself for a little later.

An adoptable greyhound named "Easy"
It would be so “easy” to fall in love with this guy! Click for his profile on GreyhoundsOnly!

For now, I’m fresh (yeah, right!) off the plane, already missing mi familia, and here’s what I’m thinking about:  greyhounds!

I’m SO excited to move into new digs and adopt a retired racing greyhound through GreyhoundsOnly, a local Midwest organization.

I had my phone interview with Joy, a kennel manager, tonight on the phone.  She was really informative, and seemed really excited about having my fiance and I as soon-to-be greyhound owners.  I admit, I did try pretty hard to seem on top of my stuff (especially since I have tried pretty hard to BE on top of my stuff, re: greyhound adoption!).  I think she liked that, though B totally noticed the change in countenance.  Still, he said he’d have acted the same way – he reaaaally wants a greyhound, too.

So of course, I’m perusing the adoptable greyhound lists again (ahem, for the billionth time) instead of writing my research as I know I should be.  It’s making me a lot happier, though! 🙂

Here’s my current dream-dog, named–what else?!–Easy!  Life might not always (ever?) be such, but here’s a boy that could make life a lot more fun!  Plus, one of his parents is named Flying Hydrogen (how cool is that for a physicist?!), and the other is named Ale Aivas Memory.

Sigh.  My heart melts.  Well, part of it.  The other part of me is sitting her like Elvira (?), the old cartoon character that would chase around little helpless animals, screaming like some quasi-toddler-imp, “Oh he’s soooo cute! I just wanna hug him, and love him, and squeeze him…!”  Beware, my someday-dog, beware.  I will cuddle you till you’re so tired of it, you’ll consider switching diets from Purina Proplan…to una Latina con Leche. ^_^  <insert oh-so innocent laugh>

Breaking the Summer’s Crap Curse


Hola, mis sorellas y mis amigas, y todos!  Yep, I really believe that the summer’s Crap Curse is broken!!!

Aaaaand this is how it happened!  I know this little retelling doesn’t do it justice, but really, it was an experience that no piece of writing could do justice for. And I like it that way. 🙂  So, keep reading below……..

It’s been a really stressful summer.  A REALLY stressful summer (mostly crappy).  And, for the last two weeks, I’ve been seeing my bff.  I know, that should be good, but I only visited because she’s been recently diagnosed w/ a life threatening illness (invasive ductile cell carcinoma – breast cancer – at 27 years old), and I couldn’t wait.  I stayed for almost two weeks, and on Friday it was time to come back (my grandfather’s memorial is this Wednesday, and my sister’s wedding is this Sunday).  Soo, I had a Friday morning 7AM flight from Newark back to Chicago.  Only, I was late.  It took 1.3 HOURS to travel 15miles (can you tell I’m not used to driving in big cities?!).  I was so late to the airport that they wouldn’t let me check in for my own flight, since, ya know, it was leaving in 28 MINUTES.

All I could do was get a standby seat on the 10:30AM flight home.

I knew my partner (we’ll call him BCaric) had wiggled his work schedule around so he could pick me up from the airport like he always does.  I was hesitating to call and tell him to go ahead, sleep in a few extra hours, and go to work on time.  Instead, I just went ahead and plowed my way through security (okay that’s a lie, it was only 9min from check-in to gate – Newark Airport in the morning is awesome!) and got to the gate at 6:45AM.  I didn’t see anyone at my own gate, so I nearly gave into the coffee and Jersey-bagel urge, but instead took a chance (you know I can be sooo shy when it comes to asking for cust svc on my own behalf). I asked the employee at the next gate about how to check in for standby.  She inquired curtly about my original flight time, still pounding away at that old-fashioned keyboard.  Another worker came out to say that the doors were locked and everyone was sitting down and everything was ready.  Then, the second worker glanced down at the computer screen and said.  “Well, everyone except one person is sitting down!”  …She had put me on my original flight! Woot!!!! 😀  I got all sweetly excited (mostly genuine), and asked, “Is that me? Are you putting me on this flight?! Oh, thank you so much!”  The second worker just grinned at her co-worker (still tak-tak-taking away at the ancient manila keys), and then at me.  “Yep, she’s super woman!” Sooo, I got a ticket printout, checked on, and I was the last person on the plane!

I didn’t know it then, but now I am thanking God that, for once, all my comfy stretch pants were just TOO dirty to wear, even for me.  I’d worn my pretty sleeveless sundress, so I was feeling cute, if suer chilly).  When the plane landed, I was doin the peepee dance, and a nice man let me get off ahead of him. The plane was whole 40min early (on a 90min flight!), so I did NOT pee my pants (not that I pee my pants often, buuut there’s always the phobia, right?).  I got off and got to O’Hare airport bathrooms, and the automatic sliding toilet seat cover actually worked (for once! Seriously!).  Sooo, I took my time, redid my hair, and texted back and forth with BCaric.  Over text messages, we agreed to go have breakfast downtown, so I forewent the coffee and egg bagel indulgence (a big thing to forego–you know me).  I headed through O’Hare to the CTA (Chicago’s version of the subway, also known as the “eL,” or “eLevated” trains) stop, and as I did, the guy that always plays guitar and sings (I think the airport authorities must have his spot reserved — I imagine he’s the “Welcome to Chicago” busker) was singing, “Don’t know much about the science book…don’t know much about the French I took…but I do know that I love you, and I know that if you love me too, what a wonderful world this would be….”  I couldn’t help smiling.  Perfect song for the moment.  Back to grad school land, and back to my beautiful man.  I dug around for my third to last dollar bill, and tipped him and thanked him, giddy.  “Tan feliz!”

Theeeen, I walked to the gates of the CTA, and waited for BCaric to come and use his CTA card to get me through.  When the next train arrived, I watched everybody get off, and although I was on the phone with him, I didn’t see him until he was right up at the gate, looking through at me!  I made him kiss me through the fence before I took the CTA card and went through the turnstile, and then made him kiss me before I moved again after. Hehe – he was quite willing to…. 😀 BCaric showed me his suit, telling me, “See, this is what I wore yesterday to the interview.  I wanted you to see just what I looked like.  Do you think I looked stupid?”  I just raised an eyebrow, and he laughed and said, “I know….”  I gave a fake smirky smile, and responded, “Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.”  Then, if I remember correctly (and I often don’t), I complimented him on some looks-related thing, because, frankly, he did look pretty dashing in his suit-minus-top-button-and-tie-combo (it’s partly the chest hair peeking out of the .

We neared where the trains were waiting, and as our train pulled in, the people around us trickled off the platform and onto the train.  You know me, I’m not usually in a hurry (at least not a *focused* hurry, LOL), so I just stood there holding BCaric’s hand.  BCaric started off, and then stopped and turned and said, “Oh, wait I brought you something.”  With that mischievous, sexy little grin of his (sexchievous?), he opened his jacket pocket and brought out a single rose, trimmed to about 5 or 6 inches and wrapped just to the top in aluminum foil (that is some seeeeriously cute forethought, right there!).  I was standing there w/ my backpack on, my bag slung over my arm, and holding his binder with one hand – leaving just the other hand free to accept the gift. 🙂

I was SO happy!

I don’t ask for flowers, and he knows I strongly *ahem, meaning only* prefer cut flowers if they can be dried and kept for a long time, and usually he brings me other kinds of sweet things, like apples, or books, or binders, or paper clips (yep, I’m an office supply junkie – you could staple a shortcut right to my heart).  So a rose was definitely a big surprise – especially wrapped in aluminum foil (SHINY! SHINY! Yay!!!)!  I just smiled and smelled it (and it actually smelled! Kudos to finding a nice, scented rose in this city! That takes both luck and hard work!), when he said, “Oh, I have something else for you, too.”  He opened his jacket again, and I saw the corner of a manila card.

Dun. Dunnn. Dunnnn. (drumroll)

Yeaaah, I kinda sorta *started* to suspect something.  But frankly, I’d only slept for two hours, and things take a while to process for me…. 😛

Soooo, BCaric took out the card, gets down on one knee on the wide cement subway platform in front of the trains, and says, “N.S.C.  I love you. Will you marry me?”*  I said*, “Yes, please! Yes, yes, of course!” And, he oh-so gracefully slipped the ring on my finger (after fumbling a little to slip it off the card/holder thingy).

And we headed for a train car.

An airport worker on the other CTA platform opposite ours jumped around and did a little dance and shouted “Woohoo! YEAH!!!” (I’m pretty thankful to the random stranger for doing that part on my behalf – it let me maintain a little more composure than I think I could have managed, otherwise!)

And we got on the train. And BCaric took embarrassing pictures of me being all giddy and giggly (too bad I completely spaced getting some of him!  He had a grin from ear to ear!!!).  And we snuggled and pretended not to notice the friendly stares of the other passengers who had witnessed the scene through the CTA car windows.

Well, there ya have it!  BCaric has been asking me to marry him everyday for months and months (and months), and everyday I’d tell him I’ll agree to marry him when he asks me in a unique, surprise-y way.  And now he has.  WOOT. 🙂

1*Teeensy weensy caveat –  I, uh, was really shocked.  I know there was something about love, and my full name before that, and marrying (DEF the marrying part, of course!).  Buuut, I honestly don’t remember what his exact words were.  It’s a good thing he didn’t prepare a speech (err, by which I mean I REALLY HOPE he didn’t prepare one! Because it would have been totally lost on me at that point!).*

2*By which I mean I THINK I said.  There were a lot of “yeses” coming from my mouth at the time, so I can’t be sure just which sixty-odd permutations of the positive responsive phrase I used.*

I <3 Spanglish Chick (aka procrastination)


Procrastinating during lunch time (err, and on until about 6pm!), I happened upon the following site, Spanglish Chick.  It seems as if they blog infrequently, but they’re still awesome enough to ❤ in my book!  So, keep on blogging, chicas! Estoy pidiendo!

The article that got me started on their site was an interesting piece on the somewhat unexpected (in mainstream American culture, at least) amount of Latino/a diversity, called “Who Would’ve Guessed?.”  The article itself was admittedly awkward in a few places, but overall gave a nice intro for those not already introduced to a topic that is both important and (IMHO) waaay underrepresented.  And, ¡ay, la diversidad! 😉  There were a lot of chicas in there that don’t get a lot of play for their Latina heritage.  As would be expected, most of the article’s examples were of famous people (¿Dónde están nuestras mujeres plebeyas?), and the examples were generally light-skinned White Latinas – where were all the Black Latinas?  Still, the writer seemed to be an open-minded Houstonian, wrapping her mind around an identity which encompasses a wide and often unacknowledged cross-section of pan-American diversity (well, world diversity).

Ill definitely keep reading the contributor and the blog!

In the meantime (and always, hehe), if you’re in the Chicago area, check out the groups Mujeres Latinas en Acción(en)/Mujeres Latinas en Acción(sp) and Amigas Latinas.  Their upcoming event, discussing their “Latina Portrait Study 2011,” is happening July 28, so hurry up and get involved (it’s RSVP-required).

For something lighter, try the following FunnyorDie video (courtesy of the aforementioned Spanglish Chick blog – muchas gracias!!!)

Aaand, for something that’s not a lampoon, try the Telenovela, “Prisionera” (“Liberty”).  I kinda wish it went on forever, but it doesn’t (it’s a little old, but it’s one of my FAVORITES).  I found the Prisionera trailer with English subtitles, but I only found the rest of the show with, err, other subtitles (ahem, Greek, Russian, you name it! Just not English.  Maybe elsewhere on the web?

Ok.  Procrastination over.  Thanks, Spanglish Chick, for the fun day of web-browsing. 😛


*Disclaimer: I’m not old yet. I’m just pumped about getting there.*

I have to admit, there are certain things about getting old (and I mean OLD old, not just old or oldER – as in, I’ve fallen and I’m contemplating whether or not to even TRY and get up – that old) that I am looking forward to.  Certain things that MAKE me want to get old.  Some of these things are normal, or sweet, or just whatever.  Some are a little off the hook.  In no particular order today, I’m thinking that I’ll be excited to get old as:

  • I can eat pudding.  All the time. ALL. THE. TIME.
  • When “going on a diet” means I change ONE thing about my diet, and not THE ENTIRE DIET.
  • When I have doctors appointments to go to, and get to ride in the car (now I just take the d*&mn bus and walk everywhere).
  • When the people I really dislike have gone…before me. (I realize the downside of this is that people I actually like will have also gone before me, but, you know it’s about the silver lining).
  • People my age will laugh at my jokes more than once (now, they only laugh once, no matter how many times I forgot I’d already told the joke).
  • I can take entire Jack in the Box meals into the movie theater in my purse, and the ticket takers will be too embarrassed to even look.
  • People will not expect me to hold, change, or like infants.  In fact, they’ll only pose us for pictures (look how frickin OLD she is compared to this 2-month old!), and then leave me a lone.
  • I will have read many, many books.  Hopefully, I will have also done like a good academic and written reviews of the book, for easy recall.
  • I will have time to read–all the time.
  • Young people will be sweet to me when I’m in countries where I’m an obvious foreigner.
  • I’ll be able to afford so much plastic surgery I can start screwing with my body JUST to see what it would look like!
  • And best of all, the songs I now know and love will be so old, they’ll no longer be covered by copyright.
  • No wait.  Best of all is the pudding.  PUDDING.
—-Addendum 7/18/2011—-
  • Somehow, older people seem to get away with fewer showers.  For a non-girly girl like myself, this would be awesome.  More time for reading…and pudding. 😛
  • Not having to shop for clothes EVER AGAIN.  I really, really don’t like clothes shopping – never have (I’ve always wanted to like it, but to no avail).  Get old enough, and you can be pretty sure your clothes will last you till the end of your days–literally.  I used to work at a big department store in the catalog and credit section, where older people liked to pick up their catalog purchases.  One day, a suuuper-old guy came in to pick up an order of really old-fashioned Wrangler jeans (I mean REALLY old-fashioned – he actually had to order them from a catalog to even get them at all).  When I tried to interest him in a few more pairs, he just laughed at me and said, “I won’t be needing anymore.  These should last me till I’m dead!”

Elderly & Excited – and that is not sarcasm.

Voz de mi abuelo


I do not ever want to forget my grandfather’s voice when he says, “I love you baby, thank you for calling.” He doesn’t say it often. Or at all, to almost anybody else in the world (I didn’t say that’s a good thing, but it’s a thing, nonetheless). It’s a melty, special feeling, especially coming from such a masculino maschio (“Con cojones tan grandes,” my mama always said). I know it’s a little unfair to have a favorite grandchild, but I think the jury is still out on whether it’s unfair to be the favorite grandchild. No matter the verdict, I still like that I’m it. <Insert warm fuzzies here> 🙂

Too fun to resist! – QR Tags

Too fun to resist! – QR Tags

I know i must be coming in late on this, but QR tags are fun to make and AWESOME!

I just thought about it tonight, since my partner LOVES scanning crap w/ his phone (personally I think it’s kinda jank, but i’d use it if there were anythign worth scanning…. It would be awesome if using QR tags are/were a search function on Google for iPhone/Android/Etc.

—> So, here’s a couple links to get you started.  They’re just what I found, and you could very well find more. 🙂

  • If you want a quick, one-off QR code to send a string of text (incidentally, all this started bc I’m trying to find ways to propose to my partner, and I thought maybe using QR codes as part of the proposal scheme could be cute…), contact details, a URL, etc., use this super easy/no-nonsense website, qrstuff.com.
  • If you’re serious about using QR codes effectively (for business or pleasure or whatever. It’s a blog post w/ tips on what to do and what not to do), see this 2d-code blog post by Roger.
  • If you wanna be artsy with your QR codes, I think Microsoft tag has the best platform for creating QR codes.  Note that you’ll either have to have a Windows Live ID, or you’ll have to sign up for one (I did, and I could use my email address as my sign-in, so it ended up being easy peasy).  They let you do cool stuff like making pretty QR tags, tracking your stats, etc.  Most of the fuctions you don’t have to pay for, either! (honestly, I haven’t figured out how to make a standard-looking tag, but I’m hoping that will come with time?)  Oh, and you can save them and access them later, too!

¿¡Que bacan, no?!

As if you needed this...you're already here!