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Why kittens are professional….


As a disclaimer, you might want to bounce this piece of advice off a more experienced colleague before letting it out into the wild.

Yes, this is another FITYMI post.  If you are getting into Drupal, you’ve probably needed to create test accounts, test images, test posts, etc.  Usually, of course, the Devel module will be your best friend for these testing purposes.  Devel can create (and delete, thank goodness) tons of test info and provide the information that lets you know what’s doing what in your database.*

But what if you just need one or two ongoing users, posts, pictures, etc, and don’t want to go through the hassle of using Devel?  Or, what if you’re on a staging site, and opening the Devel can of whoopass is just. too. much. ?  That’s where placekitten comes in!

Yes, kittens are now professional.  Well, professionalish.   Basically, you shouldn’t usually use your own name and likeness in a test site, and no one is going to mistake a kitten picture for actual site content (unless the site is about pets, and then I can’t help you).  No one (almost) will mistake the name Cat Kittenstein for an actual user.  Instead, I’ve found that clients were pretty pleased to see that testing was happening, and tickled that cute kittens suddenly became part of their not-so-voluntary website committee work.

So have at it!  PlaceKitten has pictures of kittens in all sizes, shapes, and even b/w.  One thing PlaceKitten can’t help you with, though, is fake names.  So I’ve created a starter list here:

  • Cat Katze
  • Mia Meow
  • Gatito McKitten
  • Felina Mao
  • Kitty Chaton


In all seriousness, though, do run the use of any fake names, accounts, posts, etc, by the responsible party.  And then proceed with caution (and fun!).

*I realize that description is kinda vague.  But there are other great posts (y incluso un video en español, yay!) on the subject, not to mention the actual Devel project page.