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For once (yep, one of the first times), the featured page of WordPress.com had a blog post I found awesomely helpful: 5 Goals to Making and Keeping Your New Years Resolutions.  The blog is The Hill House, written by a pastor who, a week after posting his tips on keeping resolutions, posted his own (and they’re pretty honest goals, too!).

To recap, here are the 5 Tips:

  1. Define the Win.
  2. Make smaller goals along the way.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  4. Make the goal with a friend or group of friends.
  5. Evaluate your results.
And, ever the practical (yes, I fancy myself a practical person) tipper, here are a few of mine:
  1. Use Google Calendar (or something like it) to send you a weekly text message or email.  Set up a recurring “event” to nag yourself — in a friendly way — about your goal(s), and schedule the SMS/email/pigeon to show up at a time of week and day you’re usually feeling responsive, positive, etc.
  2. Write your goals and your triumphs on your mirror and/or fridge in dry-erase marker.  It will come off easily, and let’s face it – those are two places most people look, A LOT.
  3. Find a Flatter Friend.  Alright, so, I just used that term for its alliterative qualities.  Still, finding a buddy who will commit to giving you insightful praise (even when you’re failing miserable to live up to your December 31st, 11:59PM standards).
Now, on to my goals for the year…

I expect this year to bring a lot of changes.  My fiance is beginning a post-doc out of country, which will leave me and the dog to our own devices (which usually means lots of take-out and procrastination).  My best friend is getting married (YAY!!!!).  My cousin is moving in with me (it will be her first time living in a big city, and so I’m a little apprehensive, but still YAY!).

With all those changes, new years resolutions will just bring even more change.  That’s not a bad thing.  Changing a lot of things at the same time does sometimes work for me.  Still, I think some of my goals should be oriented toward what’s already working, toward what I should keep doing, instead of only what I need to change.  So first, my “keep it up” goals:

Keep It Up Goals:

  1. Keep admitting I’m wrong, promptly and sincerely (I’ve been doing really well at this!).
  2. Keep writing my in-laws.
  3. Keep walking to school/work (part of this is that I’m too scatter-brained to learn the bus schedule, but part of it is loving the high I get from physical activity!).
  4. Keep calling my sisters.
  5. Keep focusing on DIY projects to fix up my apartment (so far I’ve scavenged and built everything in my apartment (except for my one big purchase, a nearly useless — but gorgeous! — couch/daybed from World Market).  I look around, marvel at my own resourcefulness, and then snuggle up to a rug I’m making from old t-shirts and plastic bags!)
    *Generally, #5 could be a tip: find something you’re already doing, that you’re good at (or getting better at), and REVEL IN YOUR OWN AWESOMENESS! I mean this, of course, in the most neutral way possible. 😛

Now, my goals for change…

Wait.  All I can think of is to blog my thoughts more often.  We all know that even when it’s not getting blogged, it’s still getting thought.  Buuut, blogging the “it” that’s currently in my head is an excellent way of doing just what the author of this post recommends.  In aggregate, I want to post 52 times this year.  That comes out to (duh) a post a week!

But um, I can’t think of anything else I could elaborate on at the moment.  So, I guess I’ll think about it some more and return to it….

In the year 2012, I resolve to STAY AWESOME. 😉


Ah, art… :)


You know what else is like diets?  Art.  Creativity.  At least for me.  I always promise myself that I’ll get to it soon.  Soon soon….

I have a list as long as my arm of art projects I want to do.  These include:

Make a wire cup rack for my awesome collection of Einstein Bros Bagels mugs! (they’re only $2.59 at the shop on campus, AND you get 99cent coffee thereafter, so they’ve become a surrogate for the shoe fetish I never had)

Making my awesome collection of sarees into wall art (I bought a ton of them in India this winter w/ my fiance’s family, and now they’re just sitting on a shelf! Ugh!

Making a shower curtain out of plastic bags (yep, you can totally iron plastic bags together to make tarp-like material! Free shower curtain!!!

Making potporri

Making more chapstick (I made this in ’09 w/ a friend and we had chapstick for a year! It was awesome!

Using up my huge supply of tea tree oil (my grandmother gave it to me, but I just don’t have much of a use for it! dang!)

And not last and not least (but the last I remember at the moment):  Making things out of he old books I get for free at the UChicago library book sales.  Yes, they’re old and they’re beautiful–some of them are from the early 1900s and even the mid to late 1800s, but still, what the hell am i going to do w/ all those books?!  I have so many!!!

Anyway, here is my inspiration for today:

Things to do with old books

Weevils in the flour part 2


Well, sort of.  This doesn’t actually have much to do with the first part.  Yes, dudes like doing that.  Yes, it sucks.  But YES!  I finally found some info on boll weevils in my flour!

Screw it!  Like my mama always said about hairs and such, “It’s just a lil extra protein!”  So, I’m gonna use the flour anyway.


Ooh, and bad pun of the day:  You know weevils are trying to tell us all something.  I mean, just look at their name! WEEVIL = “WE EVIL”

But for next time, I’m going to not be stupid, and, since it is a Saturday and I can pretend like Monday (and hence all my responsibilities) will never come, I’m going to spend the next few hours (probably) putting my flour in ziplock baggies and storing it for the requisite four days in the freezer, to kill the WE-EVILS. 😉  Here’s a How-To article on getting rid of weevils, if you need it!