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Too fun to resist! – QR Tags

Too fun to resist! – QR Tags

I know i must be coming in late on this, but QR tags are fun to make and AWESOME!

I just thought about it tonight, since my partner LOVES scanning crap w/ his phone (personally I think it’s kinda jank, but i’d use it if there were anythign worth scanning…. It would be awesome if using QR tags are/were a search function on Google for iPhone/Android/Etc.

—> So, here’s a couple links to get you started. ¬†They’re just what I found, and you could very well find more. ūüôā

  • If you want a quick, one-off QR code¬†to send a string of text (incidentally, all this started bc I’m trying to find ways to propose to my partner, and I thought maybe using QR codes as part of the proposal scheme could be cute…), contact details, a URL, etc., use this super easy/no-nonsense website,¬†qrstuff.com.
  • If you’re serious about using QR codes¬†effectively (for business or pleasure or whatever. It’s a blog post w/ tips on what to do and what not to do), see this¬†2d-code blog post by Roger.
  • If you wanna be artsy with your QR codes,¬†I think Microsoft tag has the best platform for creating QR codes. ¬†Note that you’ll either have to have a Windows Live ID, or you’ll have to sign up for one (I did, and I could use my email address as my sign-in, so it ended up being easy peasy). ¬†They let you do cool stuff like making pretty QR tags, tracking your stats, etc. ¬†Most of the fuctions you don’t have to pay for, either! (honestly, I haven’t figured out how to make a standard-looking tag, but I’m hoping that will come with time?) ¬†Oh, and you can save them and access them later, too!

¬Ņ¬°Que bacan, no?!

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