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Travel Tip – Vitamin C!


I travel a lot for both work and pleasure, and–one of the brighter sides of ADHD’s consistent inconsistency–I find I’m a pretty great innovator! So, I’ve decided to start slipping travel tips into some blog posts. Hopefully this will allow me to (gasp!) consistently leave a record of my innovations so that others can use then, and, let’s face it, so that I can use them when I forget!

Travel tip of the day: buy a bag of Vitamin C lozenges for the adventure. I used to take packets of Emergen-C. Emergen-C is an excellent supplement choice, but it requires water (potable water, to boot!). Clean water isn’t always available when you’re on the road, and on a lot of my travels, I’ve found locals don’t drink a lot of plain water, anyway. Lozenges are a great fix. They will keep up your vitamin c intake, and they work as candy or a little boost when your blood sugar is low. Plus, a gift of wrapped candy to a travel companion or a local friend usually goes over really well, I’ve found. It provides a little warmth and camaraderie, and doesn’t make anyone super beholden to another.

Plus, lozenges are pretty cheap – I’d suggest going with the store brand at Target.

Here, just for us ADHDers (or photophiles) is the entire article summed up in a picture:



Is a Hot Meal Too Much to Ask For? (via livelaughloveliquor)


Oh. My. Goodness. I’m laughing so hard I literally must wiggle around not to pee my pants in the office chair. BEST (only, but best) cruise ship story I’ve EVER READ/HEARD.

It reminds me of my niece, also two years old. My sister took her to the playground, where she was playing sweetly by herself, climbing all over the big-kid toys, letting mama read. Another parent/guardian sat down next to my sister and asked, “Is that your daughter? She is just SO well-behaved and SO adorable!”

Of course, my niece then chose that *exact* moment to show how incredibly articulate she is, on top of everything else. My niece stands up on the highest point of the jungle gym, and, with outstretched arms and a heart that must be filled with nothing but innocence and glee (absolutely no sarcasm intended), shouts, “I DO WHAT THE F@#K I WANT!”

Ah, kids.

Is a Hot Meal Too Much to Ask For? "I'm sorry Mrs. ______.  She struck another little girl when they were fighting over a toy.  She is banned from Kids camp for 24 hours and if she hits again, she can not come back for the remainder of the cruise."  The director of the child watch center on our cruise line explained to me very kindly, but firmly. I looked down at the little one.  Her mop of strawberry blonde curls hung over down cast eyes.  Banned from kids camp, we walked back to … Read More

via livelaughloveliquor